Burdened With Glorious Forgiveness

So there has been a lot of talk about heroes, but what about the villains? In my opinion, a good villain makes the movie/story. One of my favorite villains (I have a few) is Loki.

Loki is brother of Thor (the god of thunder) and always felt like he lived in his older brother’s shadow. Their sibling rivalry is something most people can relate to, and I know I do. I have three sisters, so it’s always at least a little bit of competition for attention. Now with these two, their father always favored Thor over Loki. This sparked a lot of anger with Loki, and his anger made him not forgive his father for favoring Thor over him (and other reasons).

Matthew 6:12

Forgive us for doing wrong, as we forgive others.

If only Loki had forgiven his brother and father, and saw that they truly did love him. Well, Thor for sure anyway. Holding onto things from the past will never help you move forward, and it can cause a lot of problems for your future. Is there anyone in mind that needs forgiveness? Or maybe there’s a few things you need to forgive yourself for. If God can forgive us of all the things we have done, we should forgive others. It’s not always easy, but it can be done. Talk to God today, tell him about some of those things. Don’t let this keep you from a relationship with God or others.