State Teen Talent

Teen Talent is an awesome opportunity to be a part of a fun, healthy atmosphere of Christian competition among young people from around the state and various parts of the world. We’ll be taking part in this even and we want our amazing REVOLUTION students to show the world how awesome they are! State Competition will take place on February 25, 2017at the Abundant Life Church of God in Lakeland, FL.


Registration deadline is February 14th

Teen Talent Pro-Tips:

  • The rules are a MUST to help you prepare, so make sure you’ve read the guidelines for your area of competition. There’s nothing worse than getting DQ’ed because you missed something you could have avoided. DOWNLOAD THE RULES HERE.

  • Teen Talent competition is held among five different divisions: Art, Bible, Drama, Music and Writing. For our group, each of those areas will have one of our leaders as a “coach” to help you best prepare for the competition, so make sure you get connected.They’re good people to have in your corner!

  • Ultimately this is an event designed to honor God, so make sure that whatever you’re presenting has a ministry element! If it’s a song, a painting, a poem or a dance, let’s do everything for the glory of God!

For additional information, please visit the Florida Church of God Teen Talent page.


Justice Is Coming


In the spirit of Gotham’s Dark Knight v Metropolis’ Man of Tomorrow, we’ll be sharing a new series at Revolution Ground:Zero this month called JUSTICE.

Come representing Batman or Superman and bring your league with you! Wednesday nights, cafe opens at 6p, service starts at 7p, only at the Revolution!